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Title: 2020 Princess of Asturias Awards

Funding Agency: Princess of Asturias Foundation

External Deadline(s):

03/05/2020 02:59 PM PST (Nomination)

Cognizant Office: Division


The Princess of Asturias Awards are intended to reward scientific, technical, cultural, social and humanitarian work carried out at an international level by individuals, institutions, or groups of individuals or institutions. Awards are conferred for eight (8) different categories: the Arts, Literature, Social Sciences, Communication and Humanities, Technical and Scientific Research, International Cooperation, Concord, and Sports.

Frequency: Typically annual

Total Award: $57,000

  • €50,000 (approximately $57,000), a diploma, an insignia, and a Joan Miró sculpture
    • Should the award be shared, the cash prize shall be divided equally among the Laureates
  • Awards Ceremony will held in Oviedo (Principality of Asturias, Spain) in the second fortnight of October – Winners not present will only receive the diploma of accreditation

Indirect Costs:

N/A - Prize

Duration: N/A - Prize

Discipline(s): Biology and Biological Engineering; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Engineering and Applied Science; Geological and Planetary Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences; Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy

Eligibility: Research Faculty, Tenure-Track Faculty, Tenured Faculty

  • Nominations may be submitted by: laureates from previous years, members of the eight juries, Spanish embassies, diplomatic representations in Spain, public figures and institutions of renown, other public figures and institutions invited to do so by the Foundation
  • Nominations will not be accepted for deceased individuals, members of higher state institutions in Spain, Heads of State and/or Heads of Spanish or foreign governments, those occupying high office in government (including that of Spain), Princess of Asturias Foundation trustees (including individuals who have been trustees within the past three years), and members of a Princess of Asturias Award Jury from within the past three years
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted
  • Nomination packages should include all documents considered appropriate to demonstrate the nominee’s merits, including all relevant data and complementary information or endorsements
    • Audio-visual material intended to contribute to this end will also be accepted
    • Letters of support and endorsements considered appropriate may likewise be submitted. The deadline for submitting such support is 15 calendar days from the deadline for submitting nominations.

Recent Caltech Recipients:

  • Kip Thorne, Barry Barish ( Technical and Scientific Research , 2017)
  • Mark Davis ( Technical and Scientific Research , 2014)

Guidelines & Other Information:

Guidelines: http://www.fpa.es/en/princess-of-asturias-awards/regulations/

Online Nomination Form: https://www.fpa.es/en/presentation-nominations

Previous Laureates: http://www.fpa.es/en/princess-of-asturias-awards/laureates/

Opportunity ID: 262

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