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Title: UPDATED: Schwartz/Reisman Collaborative Science Program

Funding Agency: Schwartz/Reisman Collaborative Science Program

External Deadline(s):

04/27/2020 05:00 PM PDT (Full Proposal)

Cognizant Office: Office of Foundation Relations


Updated Deadline: April 27, 2020

The Schwartz/Reisman Collaborative Science Program has been made possible through the generosity of the Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman Foundation. The objectives of this program are to support joint projects pursuing fundamental research in diverse domains of science of interest to both institutions.

By encouraging and supporting collaborations between researchers at Weizmann and Caltech, the donors hope to increase and strengthen the ties between the two institutions and to promote scientific discoveries that will have high impact in various scientific fields of importance to both institutions and society.

As for the previous round of funding, proposals will be accepted in any area.  However, we expect to be able to fund at least one collaboration in the following fields:

  • The carbon cycle
  • Developmental biology and regenerative medicine or Biological Sustainability.

Frequency: Typically annual

Total Award: $100,000 to $200,000

  • Experimental Studies: US$ up to 200,000 per year, to be split roughly equally between activities at the two institutions.
  • Theoretical Studies: US$ up to 100,000 per year, to be split roughly equally between activities at the two institutions.
  • Salaries & Wages:
    • Weizmann: Cost of personnel may be included in the budget, no PI and co-PI salaries allowed
    • Caltech: Cost of personnel (including PI and co-PI salaries) may be included in the budget
  • Each principal investigator involved in the project will be expected to travel to the other institution once per year. The program will include, in addition to the grant, a travel allowance of $5,000 per principal investigator per year.

Indirect Costs:

Budgets should include direct costs only

  • Caltech's minimum overhead rate should be satisfied via the inclusion of faculty salaries and benefits in the budget
  • Caltech’s minimum overhead rate is based on the award’s annual gross funding. Please refer to the FY20 Annual Rate Memo for applicable minimum overhead requirements.
    • MORA and DAF forms will be required before proposals are approved for funding

Duration: 1 year

  • All currently funded projects for which additional funding is desired must submit a proposal; such requests for additional funding are not guaranteed.

Discipline(s): Biology and Biological Engineering; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Engineering and Applied Science; Geological and Planetary Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences; Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy

Eligibility: Research Faculty, Tenure-Track Faculty, Tenured Faculty

  • Proposals must involve at least one faculty member from each institution
  • At Weizmann: Senior Scientists and higher rank; at Caltech: faculty members.
  • Only one application is allowed per PI.
  • Caltech researchers other than tenure-track faculty will need to obtain approval from the Division Chair and Vice Provost for Research prior to submitting an application

Post-Award Obligations:


Recent Caltech Recipients:

Not Available

Guidelines & Other Information:

Mode of application

WIS applicants should submit in electronic format (Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF) via email to the RGP (yael.karhash@weizmann.ac.il); Caltech applicants should submit the same file to Foundation Relations at fr@caltech.edu.

The short proposal (~2 pages) should describe briefly the anticipated project; the novelty and importance of the project; the importance of the collaboration to the success of the project; the connection to ongoing projects at each institution; the nature of existing or previous collaborations between the faculty members involved; and prospective external competitive funding. A proposed budget should be appended to the proposal, including a breakdown of the division of funds, separated into distinct budgets for WIS and Caltech, approved by the WIS Finance division. The budget section regarding travel should contain explicit line items for travel.

Requests for additional/renewal funding should be ~2 pages in length and include a report on the joint project’s achievements so far, description of the proposed project’s continuation, as well as a budget (as detailed above).

Please contact the Office of Foundation Relations with questions about this opportunity.


Call for Proposals - Schwartz/Reisman Collaborative Science Program

Please notify the Foundation Relations team if you anticipate making a submission or if you have any questions regarding this opportunity. We are here to help ensure that Caltech’s proposals are competitive. We can assist with proposal development and advise you on the routing of your paperwork. Interested researchers should work with their division grant manager to prepare the budget, the MORA form, and the Division Approval Form (DAF). Submissions and awards for this grant program will be processed through the Office of Foundation Relations.

Opportunity ID: 341

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